A Class Beauty uses Elizabeth Arden Pro Skincare Products

We use Elizabeth Arden Pro Skincare Products.

Skincare using the most innovative breakthrough anti-ageing products.
It provides multi-depth exfoliation and stimulates collagen and elastin fibres to leave your skin looking its true best.

 AHA Skin Renewal peel (30 mins) £40.00
 AHA Deluxe Anti-aging peel (1hr 15 mins) £52.50
 AHA Prescription Facial (1hr 10 mins) £42.50
 Course of six 30 minute peels £200.00


Vitage Skincare at A-Class Beauty, Chesterfield, UK

 An introduction to skincare with skin analysis,
 and get advice on the best route to take.
A quick booster for tired / dull looking skin
 45 minutes £27.50


 This is our signature treatment, designed to quickly
repair and prevent premature ageing of the skin.
 Our unique enzyme lifting mask smoothes, refines and firms
the skin to give an instant lifting effect.
 75 minutes £45.00


 This facial is designed to provide advanced antioxidant
protection for all skin types and is an ideal first lower
preventative anti-ageing programme.
 Utilising potent, time-released Vitamin C, this treatment
is ideal to firm, hydrate and balance whilst providing a
boost to tired, dehydrated skin.
 75 minutes £40.00