BioSculpture Gels

Biosculpture Gel is an exceptionally durable gel treatment that nourishes the nail bed, whilst allowing the nail to look totally immaculate.

It is a healthy nail system that will not chip or damage your nails – and the results last for up to 3 weeks.

 Gel overlay on natural nails – (French or colour) £25.00
 Gel overlay on natural nails – (clear) £18.00
 Soak off and re-apply £28.00 
 Gel overlay on toes £22.50 
 Nail Art (per nail) 50p
 Nail Stampings (full set) £3.00 +
 Nail Repair (per nail) £2.00 
 Soak off £8.00 


 Polygel – Not an Acrylic / Not a hard gel -
 Polymer combines the best of both
 in a revolutionary ‘all-in-one’ system
 Polygel Extensions £33.00
 Polygel Infills £28.00
 Overlays on Natural Nails £28.00
  All include a Gelish overlay of your desired colour